Integrating architecture and factory fabrication in affordable green housing.

In collaboration with Genesis Homes-Summit Crest, a national leader in modular and mobile home construction, this architecture design studio focuses on proposals for Pre-Fab Green affordable home design. The studio is built upon three main issues: 1)Design: Can architectural design and modular housing technologies be successfully intergraded to create beautiful, affordable, green, contemporary residential design. 2) Technology/Cost: Can this new housing typology be cost competitive with standard, existing manufacturing housing. 3) Marketing & Industry Presentation: Is the existing client base for modular and/or mobile homes willing to invest in pre-fab green offerings?

The architecture is open, flexible, loft-like, ultra-compact, convertible, economical, comfortable, private, low environmental-impact, durable, low maintenance inside and out. Technological innovations include temperature partitions, solar skins and thermal collectors on multiple plans; passive and active systems.

sky-ridge house

[pre-fab green] architecture

2009 envd-4710

boulder, colorado : location

juliee hurdt : instructor

1,000 sq.ft. : size

design concept |

The Sky-Ridge Home is designed towards sustainable development, with the environment, economy and social issues in mind. The Sky-Ridge Home main feature is to weave the natural environment throughout the residence creating unique, open spaces. The 'sky' features not only are a smart green way of designing but also allow the home owner to customize the graphics of the main sheathing. By floating the corrugated metal roof off of the home, this will help protect the home from heat gain and reduce energy costs. The Sky-Ridge Home contains many 'green' products and appliances that compete with the standard construction cost.

The Sky-Ridge Home is a first of its kind, being a sustainable manufactured modular home. Because the home is both customizable and sustainable, the home directs buyers to a new emerging market.

orginal design sketch

study model #1

model [scale: 1/4"=1'-0"]

study model #2

interior rendering

interior rendering

north elevarion

projected cost |

$69 per square foot

at 1060 sq.ft. overall pre-fab cost estimate is $72,991