Bringing National City Corporation into the PNC Financial Services Group family represented a doubling of the PNC footprint – and a brand conversion that included the manufacture and installation of more than 26,000 new signs across 1,640 branches, ATMs, and office/administrative facilities over nine states. Because of our 40 years of experience with large conversions – and our proven ability to control costs – Monigle was selected to design and manage the entire national rollout.

PNC was very sensitive to making sure there was as little interruption in their customer service as possible as they unveiled new signage in the marketplace. Monigle began bringing PNC's newly acquired facilities to life with an extensive supplier evaluation to ensure contractor capabilities were in line with the required project needs. Alongside this review and other preemptive steps, Monigle's proprietary project management software, SignChart®, tracked every specification, cost, milestone, and metric to guarantee a smooth implementation through this complex conversion process.

Managing the brand conversion at 1,640 branches and facilities and 1,525 ATMs in over nine states has its own demands. But when you factor in environmental variables like winter and tornado touchdowns, the task gains even more complexity. Monigle managed the expansive rollout in four phases over 76 weeks to dodge environmental hurdles. Prepared and poised for anything Mother Nature could think of, Monigle's success was clearly proven with market verification in every state.

An integral part of Monigle's process is collaborating with all those involved in the project from the top down. In the case of PNC, Monigle's team coordinated buy off from individual Retail Market Managers for their final approvals before sign packages were sent to real estate managers for review. Complex variance process hearings were also a part of the process, which Monigle managed to ensure approvals aligned with the schedule and brand.

Monigle continues to work on all aspects of PNC's branded environments. In addition to managing the brand conversion for PNC's acquisitions, Monigle handles signage design for new construction and renovation of existing sites. Monigle also provides ongoing maintenance program management–everything from replacing burned out lighting to repairing damaged signs–to keep all of PNC's brand assets in top working order. And finally, Monigle developed the PNC Signage Manager System, an online tool to provide information, guidelines, and policies for real estate managers to ensure the brand identity is presented in a memorable and cost-effective manner, resulting in a strong brand image.

PNC Bank

signage + industrial design


national : location

kurt monigle: principle

tom wilson : senior associate

nelson yarbrough : design manager

jesse dugan : drafter/designer




role |

Shawn was a team member on the new remote ATM unit design for PNC. Shawn took a design idea from Tom Wilson and Jesse Dugan and created the control drawings in a partnership with Nelson Yarbrough. The technical design pushed limits on how a remote ATM housing can perform and appeal to its users.

In late 2012 - 2013 Shawn developed a set of control drawing to be placed for bid. The packaged included a highly detailed set of drawings for construction. Many details and specification where custom to this project and required a highly knowledgeable staff to produce and still fit the clients' wants and needs.

drive-up ATM

ATM surround
ATM surround
vinyl storefront graphic

pylon sign

channel letters

sketch-up design concept

sketch-up design concept [night]

drive-up ATM [day]

drive-up ATM [night]

turning the Oodinary into an icon

"Making a trip to the ATM can be just about as mundane as tying your shoes or brushing your teeth, right? As bank customers we don’t expect much except to pull out some cash and see how low our balance has become. While that may be a typical banking consumer’s expectation, it didn’t limit PNC Bank‘s vision in creating a new drive-up ATM experience.

Instead of looking at the ATM as a typical cash machine, Monigle designed a branded experience that creates an opportunity for PNC Bank to stand out from the crowd. And, to do that we asked ourselves, “why not make going to the ATM a more pleasurable occurrence?”

Taking advantage of the bright, cheerful PNC color system, the latest in lighting technology and unexpected architectural shapes, we created a visual target that is noticeable within the urban landscape surrounding it. The resulting design reflects that PNC understands their customers’ wishes: first, by providing a convenient service and protection from the weather, and, second, by demonstrating visually that PNC is a different kind of place to bank. PNC isn’t satisfied with only providing the expected minimum, but rather they desire to have a design that reflects their vision of being a superior place to do business..."

- Kurt Monigle