twenty story residential hi-rise w/ seven level attached garage

2014 - 2015

houston, texas : location

jeffery brown: principal

jeffery brown : designer

cesar deiz: project manager

katy brossard : project architect

A 20-story, 100 residence contemporary tower with one, two, and three bedroom floor plans, located in the heart of downtown Houston. Ideally situated, Marlowe provides the very best living experience downtown Houston has to offer: professional sports venues, parks, shopping centers, restaurants all within less than 200 meters. With sophisticated finishes and a host of outstanding services and amenities, Marlowe is the pinnacle of a live, work and play lifestyle.

PWC's annual Emerging Trends Survey rated Houston the best Real Estate Market to invest in for the year 2015, well ahead of perennial leaders New York, LA, and San Francisco. Marlowe presents a unique opportunity with 2 billion USD in new commercial development to be completed in downtown Houston by 2017, the current residential unit capacity falls short of satisfying the ever-growing demand.

The City of Houston has recognized the need for more residential units and has approved Marlowe for the downtown living incentive program which reimburses developers up to 15,000 per unit developed in downtown.
role |

Shawn is a team member on space planning, design, and construction documents. He is currently responsible for all floor plans; designing each custom residential unit to be in accordance with the Fair Housing Act [FHA].

Shawn took the concept design from Powers Brown Architecture’s design team and began the design development package, drawing and drafting on the project under the supervision of project manager Cesar Deiz. Shawn also coordinated all consultants through permit and re-designs.

Shawn worked with the interiors department at Powers Brown Architecture to select and detail all finishes located in the standard units and helped with penthouse design finishes.

project location

typical floor plate

scale model

rendering of pool