thirty-two story residential hi-rise w/ eight level attached garage


houston, texas : location

jeffery brown: principal

jeffery brown : designer

cesar deiz: project manager

katy brossard : project architect

World​-​renowned high rise condominiums, from the Hudson River to the​ Upper ​E​ast and ​W​est ​S​ides of New York, are soon to have a not-too-distant cousin in Houston. ARABELLA, positioned next to River Oaks District and a short three blocks from The Galleria, will soon begin its 33 floor ascent. Every architectural detail a reflection of our belief that a high rise home begins with the art of superior exterior modeling, and concludes with customized interior finishes similar to the great new genre of high rises ascending skyward in NYC.

From the stunning entrance facade, to the spectacular lobby, ARABELLA aspires to move the “design needle” forward for Houston. Penthouses with private swimming pools crown the upper floors. The vast variety of floor plans, most with private elevator entries, create an easy path to satisfying every client’s personal style. And the advanced space plan and finishes of the Amenity Package are based on the significant experience of the development team.
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Shawn was a team member on space planning, design, and construction documents. He was responsible for all floor plans, reflected ceiling plans, plan details, and scheduling; designing each custom residential unit to be in accordance with the Fair Housing Act [FHA].

Shawn took the concept design from Powers Brown Architecture’s design team and began the design development package, drawing and drafting on the project under the supervision of project manager Cesar Deiz and Katy Brossard.

Shawn worked with the interiors department at Powers Brown Architecture to select and detail all finishes located in the standard units and helped with penthouse design finishes.

project location

typical floor plan

floor plans

rendered elevations

penthouse floor plan
penthouse floor plan

floor plans

birds eye view