The goal was to reinvigorate the classic Avis brand with fresh energy and warmth, bring Avis's promise of “we try harder” to life, and set Avis apart from its biggest competitor's cold, impersonal image.

Avis Rent A Car System is the second largest rental car business in the world, with more than 1,650 locations in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the Latin/American Caribbean region. Faced with a very competitive industry and rapidly changing technology, Avis chose Monigle to develop a program to revitalize its image. The program centered on a holistic redesign of key customer touchpoints, including retail facilities, environmental graphics, interior and exterior signage, small site structures, and product identification.

Redesigning the customer experience involved leveraging the brand equity—earned through decades of use—and two of the brand's primary elements: the Avis logotype and the distinctive “Avis Red” color. From the customer's first experience at the check-in counter to the shuttle bus area and drop-off canopy, the dramatic use of red plays a key role in reinforcing the brand. Support colors were introduced to showcase Avis red and signal an upscale customer experience that says, “Everyone is welcome.” A rich burgundy is used as an accent color, predominantly associated with the Avis Preferred Service program. A warm champagne metallic color is used as an architectural accent, as well as a signal for Avis's standard rental services.

avis budget group

signage + wayfinding + architectural design

2012 - present

national : location

kurt monigle: principle

tom wilson : senior associate

nelson yarbrough : design manager

jesse dugan : drafter/designer




role |

Shawn has worked with many other team members for the client Avis Budget group. He began drafting and layout the many site for the newly designed Select & Go program in 2012. Programs used were google Sketch-Up for renderings and AutoCAD for control drawings and sign layouts.

In 2013 Monigle Associated was hired to design Avis Budget groups new signage and wayfinding throughout the many locations. Shawn assisted and helped draft/design the new sign elements including, pylon, monument, stall, directional signs among many. He worked under Nelson Yarbrough and Jesse Dugan developing a completed set to be sent out for bid and construction.

Currently, Shawn is involved with any RFI's with AGI and ICON identity solutions with specific signs for each Avis Budget group location.

budget exterior rental counter [sketch-up]

The Avis identity guidelines were updated and streamlined to keep the Avis brand fresh and its applications relevant. Design specifications were prepared to showcase Avis’s flagship offering, the Avis Preferred Service program, by elevating the customer perception at all Avis Preferred Service touchpoints. A key component of Monigle’s assignment was to create a three-tiered product identification architecture to highlight premier products and services for customers, identify traditional products, and clearly communicate business unites and functional areas. Identification guidelines now provide a framework that achieves a two pronged goal: helping customers understand core Avis differentiators while simultaneously building the Avis brand.

Monigle developed a modern architectural theme for use in site structures in areas frequented by customers. For example, a weather-protective canopy on these structures incorporates a unique curved roof; this distinctive shape also serves as a wayfinding device for customers seeking Avis’s services. The structures have built-in signage to provide better customer service, including special maps to key freeways at the exit booth, a clock at the bus stop, and exit information at all decision points.

rental booth

sketch-up rendering [exit booth]